DURAN® Bottle Carrying System for the 10 L DURAN® GL 45 Bottle, Supplied without glass bottle

Product Overview

The Bottle Carrying System range fits standard laboratory bottles that have a GL 45 neck finish, and are available for four bottle sizes: 2, 5, 10 or 20 litres. The carriers are ergonomically designed, and offer health and safety benefits to the user. They allow the easy and safe transport of bottles around the laboratory or production facility. The robust pouring side handles (on the 5 and 10 L versions) make pouring liquids from the larger bottles more controllable and safer. All materials are fully autoclavable. The carrier for the 10 L bottle has a pair of carrying handles for lifting by two people. The collar that fits to the neck of the bottle is only removable by cutting – so the attachment is 100 % secure in use.
  • The ergonomical design offers health and safety benefits as the carrier allows easy and safe transport of bottles
  • It makes pouring liquids from larger bottles more comfortable and safer
  • The collar is only removable by cutting which makes the attachment 100 % secure in use
  • Autoclavable
  • Carrier can be cleaned attached to the bottle in an automated washer
  • Bottle is not included and must be ordered separately
Catalog No Recommended For Thread Colour
292808605 use with the 10 Litre DURAN® Original GL 45 Bottle GL 45 Yellow