DURAN® Beaker, tall form, with spout


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DURAN® Beaker, tall form, with spout

  • > Complies with ISO 3819
  • > Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • > Spout for clean pouring
  • > Easy-to-read scale with graduation marks to estimate the content
  • > Fired-on, highly durable white ceramic


Product Overview

Beakers are cylindrical vessels with a straight side wall. Thanks to this shape, beakers are universally usable laboratory vessels and usually serve as collecting vessels and for preparing, mixing and heating solutions. Easy filling is possible via the large vessel opening. Beakers are available in various shapes and sizes: high and low, with or without spout, with or without scale.
Catalog No Capacity (mL) Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm) Quantity


Diameter d (mm) : 66
Diameter (mm) : 66
Thread : GL 45
Color : blue-yellow
Colour : blue-yellow
Material : PP, PTFE, Silicone
Height (mm) : 38
Autoclavable : Yes

Available Options

2111617Beaker Tall Form 50ml with SpoutRM18.00
2111624Beaker Tall Form 100ml with SpoutRM18.00
2111629Beaker Tall Form 150ml with SpoutRM19.30
2111636Beaker Tall Form 250ml with SpoutRM20.30
2111641Beaker Tall Form 400ml with SpoutRM22.00
2111648Beaker Tall Form 600ml with SpoutRM26.00
2111653Beaker Tall Form 800ml with SpoutRM40.70
2111654Beaker Tall Form 1000ml with SpoutRM41.90
2111663Beaker Tall Form 2000ml with SpoutRM76.60
2111668Beaker Tall Form 3000ml with SpoutRM219.40