DURAN® ANSI/SLAS Microplate Holder, aluminium

Product Overview

Liquid handling robots and pipetting systems are commonly used in the automation of chemical or biochemical laboratories. The systems automate a diverse range of the workflows used in drug discovery, genomics, proteomics and cell biology research. The containers used in the systems include microplates, tube racks, and reservoirs. The DURAN® microplate holders allow the small 10 or 25 ml GL 25 DURAN® bottles to be used on the decks of many liquid handing robots. DURAN® bottles may be used in stability testing of new drug substances as analogues for the larger DURAN® bottles. The small screw topped DURAN® bottles are a robust, thicker-walled alternative to vials made from glass tubing. The microplate holders are compatible with liquid handling robotic workstations, and automated pipetting system from most of the major manufacturers such as Tecan, Flow Robotics, Fluent, Eppendorf, Hamilton, Beckman, PerkinElmer, Agilent Technologies, Andrew Alliance, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.
for 2×3 10 ml or 25 ml DURAN® GL 25 laboratory bottles
  • Convenient – Microplate holders meet the Footprint Dimensions in the ANSI/SBS standards
  • Precise fit – Custom made for six 10 or 25 ml clear or amber DURAN GL 25 bottles in a 2 x 3 arrangement
  • High quality – made of aluminum, milled for accuracy “Made in Germany”
  • Flexible usage – Aluminum has high thermal conductivity, so can be used with microplate heating or cooling systems
  • Cost effective – Robust and reusable construction for a long service life
  • Full traceability – Engraved lot-specific code for certification
  • Future proof – An opening under each bottle allows computer vision technology to be used to identify the presence of the bottles and contents in the holder
Catalog No Description Max Vial Size Dia x H (mm) Length l (mm) Width b (mm) Height h (mm)
292330802 DURAN® ANSI/SLAS Microplate holder for 2×3 10 ml GL 25 33 x 55 127.76 85.48 23
292331404 DURAN® ANSI/SLAS Microplate holder for 2×3 25 ml GL 25 36.5 x 74 127.76 85.48 23