Liquid Nitrogen Type Apollo


High mechanical stability, the container is made of stainless steel. Low evaporation rate by multi-layer superinsolation in the vacuum space. Very durable by robust constructive design, production and choice of material. Long holding time by the use of adsorption and getter materials.

Standard Equipment

  • Integrated safety devices at the container neck
  • Vacuum lock with safety valve
  • Easy running castors
  • Mini-flange-joint NW 50 KF
  • Transfer siphon with transfer hose covered with metallic tissue
  • Hand and protection ring
  • Contents gauge (digital or analogue)
  • Pressure attachment by fluid removal without external power supply

Technical data

Typ APOLLO50100150200350
Capacity [l]49,599,2149,5198348
Max. Operating Overpressure
  • 0%
Weight Empty [kg]446279100160
Weight Full [kg]85145204266450
Overal Height [cm]80114146117165
Diameter [cm]5050507070
Overal Width [cm]6565658080
Evaporation Rate Static [%/d]2,01,21,00,60,5