Standard Biosafety Cabinet-Single HEPA

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Standard Biosafety Cabinet-Single HEPA

These are standard Class II microbiological safety cabinets suitable for basic cell biology, microbiology, biomedicine, biosafety laboratories and other laboratories. It is the most basic protection and isolation equipment for biosafety.

Product Features

Haier Biomedical Biological Safety Cabinet HR900-IIA2-1.png


● Certified to EN12469.

● Damp-proof, fire-proof glass fibre HEPA filter with a filtering efficiency for ≥0.3μm particulate matter is ≥99.995% provides cleaner air and safer samples.

● Dual DC fans allow for better air flow uniformity and operate with lower noise.

● LCD screen displays various parameters and clear operational conditions.

● UV lamp can be set with one single key to activate/deactivate automatically at specified sterilization intervals from 0min to 24hrs, to minimize the waiting time.

● The product features an interlocking function between the ultraviolet sterilization, fluorescent lamp, front window and fan motor meaning the UV lamp can only come on when the illuminating lamp is off. This failsafe removes the risk of incorrect operation.

● Multiple audible and visual alarms: hardware malfunction alarm, operating parameter overrun alarm, filter/UV lamp lifecycle ending alarm, etc.

● Two IP44 rated water-proof sockets with timed on/off function for improved safety and energy conservation.

● Optional electric door or electric underframe.

Haier Biomedical Biological Safety Cabinet HR900-IIA2-1.png

Ergonomic Design

● 10 angled front window provides a comfortable work space for operators.

● Adjustable height stand with hidden mechanism to avoid contamination.

● Universal castor for convenient moving.

● Drop-down front window design for easier cleaning of the upper edge of glass.

● Removable hand rest reduces arm fatigue and does not interfere with air inflow.

● Optional accessories include water valve (manual/ electric), air valve, VHP sterilizer and electric door function (door electric motor and foot switch).