Liquid Nitrogen Container Made of Aluminium for Storage and Transport of Biological Materials Type BIO


  • Easy aluminium container with compound materials in the neck range
  • Low own weight
  • Superinsolation foil in the vacuumspace
  • Low evaporation rate
  • Canister made of stainless steel or plastic, standard
  • All the vessels comply with international regulations applicable to the transport of hazardous goods by road (ADR) or rail (RID).

Standard Equipment

  • Transport handle
  • Vacuum valve
  • Loose lied plug
  • Inclusive canister

Technical data

Typ BIOGT 3GT 9 KGT 9GT 11GT 21GT 26GT 35GT 38GT 40
Capacity [l]3,79,39,312,22126,7343740
Weight empty [kg]4,58,28,29,21314,8151924
Weight full [kg]7,51616193136434957
Neck diameter [mm]5050505050805080120
Overal height [mm]405450450630660460660715710
Diameter [mm]250358358308388468468468468
Evaporation rate static [l/d]0,110,110,110,090,090,290,090,150,29
Static holding time [d]33848413022590350245140
Plastic x       
Stainless steelx xxxxxxx
Diameter of canister [mm]383838383867386773
Height of canister [mm]120120120280280110280280280
Roller base Art.No.    26452646264626462646
Number of 2 ml vials
on vial holders (6 Pieces)
   180180 1806121200
Straws 0,25ml1560156015603120312073803120984016400
Straws 0,5ml720720720144014403285144043807300