Agarose, Low EEO for Routine Electrophoresis Applications

Agarose, Low EEO

CleverGEL is a new environmentally friendly agarose suitable for routine analysis of nucleic acids using standard electrophoretic procedures. CleverGEL is manufactured by a process which excludes organic solvents harmful to marine life, making it far kinder to the environment than conventional agarose. A low EEO (electroendoosmotic) flow minimises diffusion so that even the smallest of nucleic acid fragments remains sharp and tightly resolved, while a high gel strength aids handling and maintains compatibility with blotting techniques. CleverGEL is now available in a low melting point form for nucleic acid recovery and enzymatic applications, as well as in a high resolution PCR-grade form to resolve very small nucleic acid fragments 20-800bp in size.



Weight (g) 100
Agarose Type General Use
CAS 9012-36-6
EEO <0.13
Gelling Point 36C
Melting Point 88C – 1.5C
Solubility Clear, colourless @ 1% [w/v] solution
Moisture 10%
Gel Strength >1200 g/cm2 (1% [w/v] Gel)
Nuclease & Protease Free true