Titriplex® III (ethylenedinitrilotetraacetic acid disodium salt dihydrate)

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Catalogue Number108421
SynonymsDisodium dihydrogen ethylenediaminetetraacetate, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt

Product Information

CAS number6381-92-6
EC number205-358-3
GradePh Eur,BP,ChP,JP,USP
Hill FormulaC₁₀H₁₄N₂Na₂O₈* 2 H₂O
Chemical formulaC₁₀H₁₄N₂O₈*2Na*2H₂O
Molar Mass372.24 g/mol
HS Code2922 49 85
Structure formula ImageStructure formula Image
Quality LevelMQ500

Safety Information

Hazard Pictogram(s)Hazard Pictogram(s)
Hazard Pictogram(s)
Hazard Statement(s)H332: Harmful if inhaled.
H373: May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure if inhaled.
Precautionary Statement(s)P260: Do not breathe dust/ fume/ gas/ mist/ vapours/ spray.
P271: Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
P304 + P340 + P312: IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. Call a POISON CENTER/doctor if you feel unwell.
P314: Get medical advice/ attention if you feel unwell.
P501: Dispose of contents/ container to an approved waste disposal plant.
Signal WordWarning
Storage class10 – 13 Other liquids and solids
WGKWGK 2 obviously hazardous to water
Relatively unreactive organic reagents should be collected in container A. If halogenated, they should be collected in container B. For solid residues use container C.