-40°C Biomedical Freezer (Double Doors Type)


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-40°C Biomedical Freezer (Double Doors Type)

The double door -40℃ biomedical freezer models offer a large capacity storage space with rapid cooling. Integrated design of cold shelf and evaporator provides additional refrigeration efficiency. Designed to store vaccines, blood plasma and many other biological materials. Installations can be found in research institutions and clinical sites in the life science, pharma, biotech, medical and electronics sectors.

Product Features

Reliability and Key Features

● Rated for -40°C at 32°C ambient

● Rapid cooling with shelf evaporator

● Improved temperature uniformity with dual capillary tube design at the range of-20°C to -40°C

● Improved door seal design with two gaskets maintains cabinet temperature more efficiently

● Reduced frost buildup

● 90mm insulation thickness for additional robustness, less power consumption and better temperature retaining ability

● Drawer design maximizes storage space.One unit can hold 360 bags of 230 ml blood bags

● Optional USB interface

-40°C Biomedical Freezer (Double Doors Type)


● Multiple malfunction alarms include high/low temperature,power failure, sensor error,low battery,high ambient temperature

● Two types of alarms: buzzer and flashing light,remote alarm

-40°C Biomedical Freezer (Double Doors Type)

Ergonomic Design

● LED digital display for clear observation

● Double door design with independent locks reduces air leakage to ensure temperature stability and lower power consumption

● Tracks to label drawers for product identification


Available Options

H-DW-40L508Deep Freezer -40?C, DW-40L508RM24,800.00
H-DW-40L348Deep Freezer -40?C, DW-40L348RM22,128.60