Watch Glass Dish, made from soda-lime glass

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Watch Glass Dish, made from soda-lime glass

  • > Complies with DIN 12341
  • > Manufactured from soda-lime glass
  • > Reduced risk of injury due to fused rim


Product Overview

The multitude of different work steps in the laboratory environment demands a multitude of universally applicable glassware. These glass devices usually have a very simple shape and are characterized by their versatility.
Watch glasses, for example, are concave curved. The small trough created in this way allows liquids or solids to be filled in.
Catalog No Diameter d (mm)
2332134 60
2332146 100
2332161 200
2332138 70
2332151 120
2332166 250
2332124 40
2332141 80
2332152 125
2332132 50
2332143 90
2332157 150

Available Options

2332124Watch Glass Dish 40mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM13.94
2332132Watch Glass Dish 50mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM13.94
2332134Watch Glass Dish 60mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM14.35
2332138Watch Glass Dish 70mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM14.76
2332141Watch Glass Dish 80mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM15.71
2332143Watch Glass Dish 90mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM17.65
2332146Watch Glass Dish 100mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM20.65
2332151Watch Glass Dish 120mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM29.24
2332152Watch Glass Dish 125mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM30.24
2332157Watch Glass Dish 150mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM37.29
2332161Watch Glass Dish 200mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM50.06
2332166Watch Glass Dish 250mm(OD), Soda-Lime GlassRM80.65