MQC+ Benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Analyser

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Easier, Faster, More Accurate QA/QC

The MQC+ benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analyser measures oil, water, fluorine and solid fat in a variety of samples and is typically used for quality assurance and quality control. It also measures the physical properties of materials such as polymer crystallinity/density and molecular weight. Analysis using the MQC+ takes from a few seconds to a few minutes, which means that a high volume of samples can be processed quickly and efficiently.

To increase laboratory productivity and efficiency, MQC+ analysers can be used with the MQ-Auto sample automation system


NMR signals are generated from all parts of the sample not just the surface, even if they are opaque, guaranteeing more accurate measurements.



NMR measurements do not damage the sample in any way, so samples can be kept for repeat measurements or to be analysed using other techniques.


No hazardous solvents or chemicals

Unlike wet chemical analysis, the NMR method does not require solvents, removing the need for fume cabinets, specially trained staff and expensive disposal procedures.


Low maintenance and running costs, just requires mains power.

Simple linear calibration

Only a few samples spanning the concentration range are required.

Simple operation

MQC+ is designed to make the job of technicians working in QA/QC labs easier. It simplifies the analysis process and removes the need for extensive operator training.


Minimal sample preparation

Simply transfer the sample into a tube, condition it and analyse. Grinding or other forms of sample preparation are rarely needed.


Rapid analysis

Analysis takes from a few seconds to a few minutes, which means you can process a high volume of samples in the lab quickly and efficiently.


The MQC+ is a compact benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analyser. It is available as three models: MQC+23, MQC+5 and MQC+F. MQC+23 is used for smaller samples and high sensitivity applications; for example it is used to measure small amounts of oil applied to artificial fibres and fabrics to enhance their properties. MQC+5 is used for large samples, typically agricultural products; measuring the oil, and moisture content in oilseeds. MQC+F is used to measure fluorine in toothpaste and minerals.

MQC+ can be fitted with a variety of robust sample holders, commonly known as probes, to easily handle different applications and sample sizes. The sample holders can be changed easily in a matter of minutes.

Every MQC+ system is supplied with all software and sampling accessories necessary for the application. Other laboratory equipment, such as dry heaters, water baths, balances and autosamplers can also be supplied.

The MQ-Auto autosampler is based around a high-performance robot arm and a range of sample racks and conditioning stations. A balance is included for applications where samples need to be weighed, and an optional barcode reader is also available for sample identification.