Interchangeable Glassware Chromatography Columns with Porosity O Sintered Disc and GP Vendura Stopcock


Available Options

JCR12/10Chromatography Column S14/23 C19/26RM169.70
JCR12/30Chromatography Column S14/23 C19/26RM207.50
JCR10/10Chromatography Column 10mm ID, Socket 14/23RM165.05
JCR10/20Chromatography Column 10mm ID, Socket 14/23RM168.30
JCR10/30Chromatography Column 10mm ID, Socket 14/23RM174.60
JCR10/40Chromatography Column 10mm ID, Socket 14/23RM179.40
JCR20/10Chromatography Column 20mm ID, Socket 19/26RM174.60
JCR20/20Chromatography Column 20mm ID, Socket 19/26RM179.40
JCR20/30Chromatography Column 20mm ID, Socket 19/26RM190.50
JCR20/40Chromatography Column 20mm ID, Socket 19/26RM190.50
JCR20/50Chromatography Column 20mm ID, Socket 19/26RM206.35
JCR30/30Chromatography Column 25mm ID, Socket 24/29RM222.20
JCR30/40Chromatography Column 25mm ID, Socket 24/29RM231.80
JCR30/50Chromatography Column 25mm ID, Socket 24/29RM238.10
JCR40/30Chromatography Column 30mm ID, Socket 29/32RM268.10
JCR40/40Chromatography Column 30mm ID, Socket 29/32RM279.40
JCR40/50Chromatography Column 30mm ID, Socket 29/32RM279.40
JCR50/40Chromatography Column 30mm ID, Socket 34/35RM292.05
JCR50/50Chromatography Column 30mm ID, Socket 34/35RM304.80
JCR60/40Chromatography Column 40mm ID, Socket 40/38RM317.45
JCR60/50Chromatography Column 40mm ID, Socket 40/38RM328.55