General Glassware DURAN® Silicone Septum Seal, Peroxide cured silicone

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Septum for Piercing, Use with Open Topped Screw Cap
  • Compatible with open topped GL screw caps with central aperture
  • Compatible with GL bottles
  • Peroxide catalyzed silicone

Product Overview

Suitable for PBT open topped screw cap with central aperture Heat resistance: 130 °C (steam) and 200 °C (dry heat). Silicon is peroxide catalyzed.


Catalog No Thread Diameter d (mm) Septa Thickness (mm)
292460803 GL 32 29 2
292460606 GL 18 16 2
292460503 GL 14 12 2
292461002 GL 45 42 3
292460906 GL 25 22 2

Available Options

2924605Silicone Rubber Seal for GL14, Ø 12mmRM8.00
2924606Silicone Rubber Seal for GL18, Ø 16mmRM8.41
2924608Silicone Rubber Seal for GL32, Ø 29mm RM12.88
2924609Silicone Rubber Seal for GL25, Ø 22mm RM12.18
2924610Silicone Rubber Seal for GL45, Ø 42mm RM28.41