DURAN® Premium Bottle Clear



  • Additional graduation marks and an opposite scaling (accurate to ± 5 %) simplify the reading of the filling level as well as the quantity withdrawn
  • Colourant free materials of construction for lower extractables profile
  • Reliable sealing due to PTFE-coated cap liner
  • TÜV tested thermal shock resistance of 160 K
  • Complete with PFA pouring ring and cap
  • Standardised GL 45 thread and matching GL 45 cap system for practicularly tight sealing
  • Simple, drip free pouring with resistant PFA pouring ring

Product Overview

The DURAN® premium GL 45 laboratory bottles are moulded from high-purity, clear, USP/EP Type I borosilicate glass 3.3, renowned for its excellent thermal performance, and high resistance to chemical attack. The premium bottles are ideal for high temperature applications: the thermal shock resistance of the glass bottle is certified for a 160 °C differential, and is combined with a high temperature fluoropolymer (PFA) screw cap and pouring ring that are suitable for use up to 200 °C. A combination of high-performance materials and robust ISO 4796-1 design provides a long working life. The bottles feature a double graduated scale for filling volume and a reversed scale for pouring. The marking field and Retrace Code for manufacturing lot traceability are printed in permanent white enamel. Glass laboratory bottles with superior thermal and chemical resistance.



Catalogue Number Capacity (ml) Thread Height (mm)
1127075 100 GL 32 105
1127076 250 GL 45 143
1127077 500 GL 45 181
1127078 1000 GL 45 230

Available Options

1127075Premium Bottle 100ml with Screw Cap GL45RM165.00
1127076DURAN? Lab. Bottle with Blue Cap. Cap. # 250mlRM172.00
1127077DURAN? Lab. Bottle with Blue Cap. Cap. # 500mlRM186.00
1127078DURAN? Lab. Bottle with Blue Cap. Cap. # 1000mlRM225.00