4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator

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4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator

Haier Biomedical’s 4 ?C Medical Blood Bank Refrigerator:

High efficiency, energy-saving, safe and reliable, smart control.

Product Features

Microprocessor Control System

The temperature range is 4?1?C, with temperature accuracy of 0.1?C.

Air Cooling Design

The temperature in all corners of the cabinet is maintained within the calibrated temperature range, and the test hole design is added to meet the actual needs of the user.

Multiple Fault Alarms

High and low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, door ajar alarm, sensor error alarm, low battery with a remote alarm interface, two alarm modes (sound beeping alarm and light flashing alarm).

Multiple Protection

Startup delay protection, stop interval protection, display panel password protection, power failure memory data protection, sensor error protection.

Remote Alarm Function

Can connect alarm to other rooms to achieve alarm function.

Automatic Evaporation of Condensed Water after Collection

Avoid the trouble of manual treatment of condensed water.