Senz TDS (0~1999ppm)

RM231.75 -35%

Velp ARE Hot Plate Stirrer

RM1,512.00 -40%

Vacuum Drying Laboratory Ovens VACUCELL 55

From: RM28,572.00 From: RM20,000.00

ESP Ultraflat Magnetic Stirrer

RM1,112.00 -33%

Senz pH (0~14.0pH)

RM221.20 -34%

Senz Redox (999~ +999mV)

RM292.95 -34%

pH Electrodes

From: RM571.76 From: RM374.15

Incubator INCUCELL 111

RM14,434.00 RM9,235.00

Incubator INCUCELL 222

RM17,018.00 RM11,624.00

Incubator INCUCELL 404

RM40,968.00 RM20,000.00

Transfer Pipets

From: RM805.90 From: RM548.00

Centrifuge Tubes

From: RM317.65 From: RM216.00

Serological Pipets

From: RM205.90 From: RM140.00

Cell and Tissue Culture Flask

From: RM488.24 From: RM340.00

Cell and Tissue Culture Dishes

From: RM705.90 From: RM480.00

Reagent Reservoir

From: RM147.05 From: RM100.00


RM535.30 RM364.00


From: RM17,731.00 From: RM13,278.00

ES Overhead Stirrer

RM2,353.00 -49%

ZX3 Advanced Vortex Mixer

From: RM1,596.00 From: RM900.00

CLASSIC Vortex Mixer

RM1,071.00 -40%

RX3 Vortex Mixer

RM880.00 -41%

ZX4 Advanced IR Vortex Mixer

From: RM1,593.00 From: RM1,035.00

Brix Refractometer

From: RM465.88 From: RM304.70

8-Strip PCR Tubes

From: RM1,261.20 From: RM1,164.80

PCR Plates 96-Well 0.2ml

RM812.80 -32%

PCR Single Tubes

RM1,514.10 RM1,029.60

Cell Spreaders

From: RM258.82 From: RM216.80

Microcentrifuge Tubes

From: RM517.65 From: RM352.00

CryoKING PC Cryongeic Boxes

From: RM684.70 From: RM480.00

PP Centrifuge Tube Racks

From: RM176.50 From: RM162.40

Mtops Extraction Mantles

From: RM4,218.82 From: RM2,746.00

Mtops Heating Tape

From: RM168.00 From: RM59.00

General Glassware Durham Tube

From: RM289.06 From: RM202.35

General Glassware Specimen Tubes

From: RM216.82 From: RM147.10

Screw Neck Vials

From: RM2.71 From: RM1.80

FAVORIT W4L Water Stills

RM1,529.40 -33%Hot

FAVORIT Hotplate HP0707V2

RM617.65 -31%

Disposable Petri Dish

RM152.95 -31%

FAVORIT Stirring Hotplate HS070V2

RM941.20 -31%Hot

FAVORIT® Test Tube Rimless

From: RM225.24 From: RM157.65

Salinity Refractometer

RM510.59 From: RM335.30

Labtron Digital and Analog Hotplate

From: RM1,706.00 From: RM1,076.00

Under-counter Pharmacy Refrigerator

From: RM5,848.24 From: RM3,641.00

Standard Pharmacy Refrigerator

From: RM14,521.18 From: RM9,786.00

Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

From: RM30,756.47 From: RM20,841.00

Ice-Lined Refrigerator(Chest)

From: RM13,202.00 From: RM8,059.00

T6 Series UV-Vis

From: RM25,714.35 From: RM15,088.25

Spark Free Refrigerator

From: RM9,478.82 From: RM6,059.00

-86°C Low Energy ULT Freezer-LED Display

From: RM37,815.29 From: RM30,735.00

-86°C Under-counter ULT Freezer

RM32,271.00 -34%

-40℃ Biomedical Freezer (Upright)

From: RM9,210.59 From: RM5,629.00

-30ºC Spark Free Freezer

From: RM8,403.53 From: RM5,271.00

-25℃ Biomedical Freezer

From: RM6,361.18 From: RM4,194.00

DAIHAN® Ultrasonic Cleaner

From: RM29,521.18 From: RM14,647.00

DAIHAN® Analog Ultrasonic Cleaner

From: RM5,344.71 From: RM3,294.00

-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)

From: RM20,000.00 From: RM13,176.00


From: RM2,075.29 From: RM1,055.00

Orbital Shaker

From: RM6,260.00 From: RM3,947.00

Lab Rotary Evaporator

From: RM11,526.00 From: RM10,288.00

Circulating Bath

From: RM7,714.00 From: RM5,022.00

-86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

From: RM43,513.00 From: RM28,329.00

-25℃ Low Temperature Freezer

From: RM13,420.00 From: RM8,741.00

Clean Bench BCV

From: RM21,722.00 From: RM14,118.00

Being® Shaking Water Bath

From: RM11,387.00 From: RM7,412.00

Cooling Recirculating Chiller

From: RM8,874.00 From: RM8,271.00

5℃ Laboratory Refrigerator

From: RM10,125.88 From: RM6,588.00

Lab Water Bath

From: RM2,807.00 From: RM1,771.00

Double Layer Shaker

From: RM25,493.00 From: RM16,588.00

MCE Syringe Filter

From: RM289.00 From: RM176.00

17 Liter Viscosity Bath

RM30,789.41 RM18,752.95

Plastic Wash Bottle

From: RM19.65 From: RM12.95


From: RM51.24 From: RM32.35

DURAN® Silicone Lid (Pink)

From: RM21.82 From: RM14.15

DURAN® Silicone Lid (Cyan)

From: RM21.82 From: RM14.15

DURAN® Silicone Lid (Green)

From: RM21.82 From: RM14.15

MS® Nylon Membrane Filter

From: RM251.00 From: RM115.00

MS® PTFE Membrane Filter

From: RM251.00 From: RM154.00

MS® CA Syringe Filter

From: RM289.00 From: RM165.00

Nylon Syringe Filter

From: RM251.00 From: RM144.00