SC45 Suction Cap Kit

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◆ Turns laboratory GL45 storage bottles into vacuum bottles.
◆ Kit includes overflow protection.
◆ Filter & store in one run.
◆ Autoclavable PP material made.

Magnetic Stirrer: Features


  • Lighter & thinner
    Low profile with only 12 mm height, MS 100 can fit perfectly in tight lab and hood spaces. Carry or store it everywhere.
  • Durable & safe
    Chemical-resistant and water-proof casing with slip-proof pads. Making MS 100 stirrer durable and safe to use.
  • Magnetic coil technology
    Motorless driven mechanism with no moving parts ensures lighter, quieter, wear-free and maintenance-free operation.
  • Mix more efficiently
    2 stirring options increase the mix efficiency:
    (1) One direction: spin in counterclockwise direction.
    (2) Auto-reverse: Spin reversely every 45 seconds for more evenly mix.


Magnetic Stirrer: Certificates


  • CE certification
  • UKCA certification
  • IP 65 protection


Magnetic Stirrer: Applications


  • Basic stirring
  • Mix solutions
  • Reagent preparation


Magnetic Stirrer: Order Information


Product NumberDescription
203100-01MS 100 Low Profile Magnetic Stirrer (US plug)
203100-02MS 100 Low Profile Magnetic Stirrer (EU plug)
203100-10PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bar, Ø3.6 x 25 mm
SpecificationSC45 Suction CapSC45 Suction Cap Kit
 SC45 Suction Cap

SC45 Suction Cap Kit

Catalog number197000-61-P2N197000-61-P2
Material of capPPPP
Material of gasket/O-ringEPDMEPDM
Overflow protectionYes
Hose barbID4~ID8ID4~ID8