Human IL-15 ELISA Kit

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Key features and details

One-wash 90 minute protocol

Sensitivity: 1.1 pg/ml

Range: 3.9 pg/ml – 250 pg/ml

Sample type: Cell culture extracts, Cell culture supernatant, Cit plasma, EDTA Plasma, Hep Plasma, Serum, Tissue Extracts

Detection method: Colorimetric

Assay type: Sandwich (quantitative)

Reacts with: Human


Product name

Human IL-15 ELISA Kit

Detection method



Overall5  5.8%
Overall3  13%

Sample type

Cell culture supernatant, Serum, Cell culture extracts, Tissue Extracts, Hep Plasma, EDTA Plasma, Cit plasma

Assay type

Sandwich (quantitative)


1.1 pg/ml


3.9 pg/ml – 250 pg/ml



Sample specific recovery
Sample typeAverage %Range
Serum9086% – 94%
Cell culture extracts9594% – 97%
Tissue Extracts10097% – 102%
Cell culture media110103% – 118%
Hep Plasma9290% – 95%
EDTA Plasma9592% – 97%
Cit plasma9794% – 103%

Assay time

1h 30m

Assay duration

One step assay

Species reactivity

Reacts with: Human
Does not react with: Cow

Product overview

Human IL-15 ELISA Kit (ab218266) is a single-wash 90 min sandwich ELISA designed for the quantitative measurement of IL-15 protein in cell culture extracts, cell culture supernatant, cit plasma, edta plasma, hep plasma, serum, and tissue extracts. It uses our proprietary SimpleStep ELISA® technology. Quantitate Human IL-15 with 1.1 pg/ml sensitivity.

SimpleStep ELISA® technology employs capture antibodies conjugated to an affinity tag that is recognized by the monoclonal antibody used to coat our SimpleStep ELISA® plates. This approach to sandwich ELISA allows the formation of the antibody-analyte sandwich complex in a single step, significantly reducing assay time. See the SimpleStep ELISA® protocol summary in the image section for further details. Our SimpleStep ELISA® technology provides several benefits:

        – Single-wash protocol reduces assay time to 90 minutes or less
        – High sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility from superior antibodies
        – Fully validated in biological samples
        – 96-wells plate breakable into 12 x 8 wells strips

A 384-well SimpleStep ELISA® microplate (ab203359) is available to use as an alternative to the 96-well microplate provided with SimpleStep ELISA® kits.


IL-15 (114 amino acids) is a cytokine that regulates T and natural killer cell activation and proliferation. It has a predicted molecular mass of approximately 12.5 kDa. IL-15 was initially isolated from the simian kidney epithelial cell line CV1/EBNA. It has also been isolated from mouse and human cell sources. The cytokines IL-15 and IL-2 share many biological properties and stimulatory activities (T, B, and NK cells). There is no sequence homology between IL-15 and IL-2, though computer modeling indicates both possess a four alpha helical bundle structure. IL-15 competes for binding sites with IL-2, as both IL-2 and IL-15 stimulate the growth of cells through the IL-2 receptor. IL-15 mRNA is expressed in many cell types and tissues including adherent peripheral blood mononuclear cells, fibroblasts, and epithelial cells, monocytes, placenta, and skeletal muscle.  


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Pre-coated microplate (12 x 8 well strips)


Storage instructions

Store at +4°C. Please refer to protocols.
Components1 x 96 tests
10X Human IL-15 Capture Antibody1 x 600µl
10X Human IL-15 Detector Antibody1 x 600µl
10X Wash Buffer PT (ab206977)1 x 20ml
50X Cell Extraction Enhancer Solution (ab193971)1 x 1ml
5X Cell Extraction Buffer PTR (ab193970)1 x 10ml
Antibody Diluent CPI – HAMA Blocker (ab193969)1 x 6ml
Human IL-15 Lyophilized Recombinant Protein2 vials
Plate Seals1 unit
Sample Diluent NBP1 x 20ml
Sample Diluent NS (ab193972)1 x 50ml
SimpleStep Pre-Coated 96-Well Microplate (ab206978)1 unit
Stop Solution1 x 12ml
TMB Development Solution1 x 12ml

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Cytokine that stimulates the proliferation of T-lymphocytes. Stimulation by IL-15 requires interaction of IL-15 with components of IL-2R, including IL-2R beta and probably IL-2R gamma but not IL-2R alpha.

Tissue specificity

Most abundant in placenta and skeletal muscle. It is also detected in the heart, lung, liver and kidney. IL15-S21AA is preferentially expressed in tissues such as testis and thymus.

Sequence similarities

Belongs to the IL-15/IL-21 family.

Cellular localization

Secreted and Cytoplasm. Nucleus. IL15-S21AA is not secreted, but rather is stored intracellularly, appearing in the nucleus and cytoplasmic components.