O-Ring, red for desiccator Base with ring-grooved flange

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suitable only for desiccator Base with ring-grooved flange
  • Manufactured from silicone, red (VMQ)
  • With the help of the O-ring, a tight seal of the desiccator with annular groove flange can be achieved
  • Suitable only for desiccator base with ring-grooved flange
  • The O-ring is dimensioned according to the nominal diameter (DN)

Product Overview

The O-ring is a seal suitable for the desiccator with fluted bevel, which seals the desiccator tightly with a precisely fitting shape. The use of the seal eliminates the need for grinding grease.

Catalog No DN Diameter d (mm) Wall Thickness s (mm) Color Quantity
292246602 250 274 6.5 red 1
292246002 200 229 5.7 red 1
292245709 150 174 5.7 red 1