Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit

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    Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit
  • Product overview

    Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit (ab270537) is designed to enable simple and rapid development of proof-of-concept sandwich lateral flow immunoassays. The kit includes everything needed for lateral flow assay development with any pair of capture and detection antibodies. It combines universal LFA strips, Lightning-Link® and Gold conjugation technologies, buffers and controls, which means there is no need to strip the capture antibody onto LFA strips using expensive equipment and complex procedures or conjugate the detection antibody to gold with passive absorption. The signal intensities can be qualitatively analyzed using the supplied scoring card or. For a quantitative detection, an LFA reader can be used.

    This kit contains Gold conjugation kit (ab154873)


    Adaptable to any pair of capture and detection antibodies

    Quick and easy to use – conjugation protocols require only 30 seconds hands-on time

    No need to strip or print capture antibodies

    No passive absorption of detection antibodies

    No specialised or costly equipment required

    Results can be qualitatively and quantitatively analysed using the scoring card, or an LFA reader, respectively

    This product is manufactured by Expedeon, an Abcam company. It was previously called Universal LFA Kit. Expedeon product code 4300-0100 is the same as the 100-test size of this product.


  • Storage instructions

    Please refer to protocols.
    Components100 tests
    ab274297 – 40nm GOLD-Biotin, 10 OD1 x 200µl
    ab274107 – 96-well clear low binding plates2 units
    ab154873 – Gold Conjugation Kit (40nm, 20 OD)1 kit
    ab274106 – Modifier reagent1 x 200µl
    ab274296 – Quencher reagent1 x 200µl
    Scoring card1 unit
    ab274105 – Ulfa-Tag mix3 x 100µg
    ab274103 – Universal LFA strips1 x 100 tests
    ab274104 – Universal Running Buffer2 x 1500µl


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