GL45 Suction Cap


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◆ Turns laboratory GL45 storage bottles into vacuum bottles.
◆ Filter & store in one run.
◆ Autoclavable PP material made

GL45 Suction Cap Features


    • Autoclavable (PP material)
      The suction cap for GL45 bottle can make a typical tissue bottle work as a suction bottle. It is autoclavable, reusable, easily assembled and ideal for general waste liquid suction.


GL45 Suction Cap Ordering Information


Part NumberDescription
197000-60Suction Cap for GL45 bottle
197000-63Silicone O-ring for GL45 suction cap
197000-60-500GL45 Storage Bottle with Suction Cap, 500 mL
197000-60-1000GL45 Storage Bottle with Suction Cap, 1000 mL
197000-60-3500GL45 Storage Bottle with Suction Cap, 3500 mL
199100-68-5Silicone Tube (Ф4.2xФ8mm ), 5cm
197100-01Lafil 100 Plus Portable Suction System
197403-11(22)Lafil 400 – BioDolphin Suction System AC110V, 60Hz (AC220V, 50Hz)
199100-00BioDolphin suction kit (light blue)


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