SimpleStep ELISA® kits

What is a SimpleStep ELISA®?

SimpleStep ELISA® kits are sandwich ELISA assays that we have developed to be as simple and effective as possible. Unlike traditional sandwich ELISAs, which take more than three hours to run, SimpleStep ELISA® kits generate data in just 90 minutes without compromising performance, using only one wash step and recombinant antibodies for exceptional specificity.

How does SimpleStep ELISA® work?

Figure 1. With SimpleStep ELISA® kits, an analyte-capture and detector antibody sandwich complex is formed in solution, which binds to the microplate via an affinity tag attached to the capture antibody in the sandwich pair. 

A conventional sandwich ELISA uses a pair of antibodies that bind to at least two distinct sites on the target protein. The capture antibody is pre-coated onto the well of a microplate and selectively binds to the target protein. After a wash step, the detector antibody is added and binds to a second site on the target protein to form a sandwich complex.

SimpleStep ELISA kits streamline this process using our CaptSure™ system, a semi-homogeneous system that forms the antibody-analyte sandwich complex in solution in a single step. In just one incubation and wash step, the complete sandwich complex forms in the well and is anchored to the plate with an immunoaffinity tag (figure 1).

Your ELISA upgrade

SimpleStep ELISA® offers​What it means for you
High sensitivity, reproducibility, and specificity from recombinant antibodiesConsistent and reliable results from the first attempt
Validation on biological samplesGuaranteed reaction with the endogenous protein​
Single-wash, quick (90 minutes) standardized protocolLess risk of error with the same fast and easy protocol across all SimpleStep ELISA® kits
96-wells plate breakable into 12 x 8 wells stripsNo waste. Possibility to use the same kit for several smaller experiments
10-pack sizes now availableGuarantees same lot

Competitive SimpleStep ELISA®

Our competitive SimpleStep ELISA® kits offer you the same benefits in speed and simplicity as our sandwich SimpleStep kits, with the same streamlined protocol and 90-minute run time.

Using our competitive SimpleStep ELISA® kit, you’ll be able to detect small molecules and hormones not measurable using a sandwich ELISA® due to the availability of only one epitope or antibody binding site.

Our competitive SimpleStep ELISA® kits use an affinity tag recognized by the monoclonal antibody used to coat our SimpleStep ELISA® plates. This approach to competitive ELISA® allows the formulation of the antibody-analyte complex in a single step, saving you significant time at the bench.

In the antigen-down format, the antigen labeled with a CaptSure™ affinity tag and the unlabeled antigen from your sample compete to bind to the HRP-tagged capture antibody. In the antibody-down format, the HRP-tagged antigen and unlabeled antigen from your sample compete to bind to the capture antibody labeled with a CaptSure™ affinity tag. The CaptSure™-labeled antigen or antibody binds to the SimpleStep ELISA® plate. A decrease in signal indicates the presence of the antigen in samples when compared to assay wells with labeled antigen alone.

Why do we use recombinant antibodies in our SimpleStep ELISA® kits?

As ELISAs rely on antibodies to detect the target antigen, the antibodies used must be highly specific.   

Recombinant monoclonal antibodies are produced in vitro using high-yield expression vectors, which provides several advantages, including: 

  • Highest level of consistency and unrivaled reproducibility.
  • Improved sensitivity and confirmed specificity.
  • Ease of scalability and continuity of supply.

The use of recombinant monoclonal antibodies in our SimpleStep ELISA®s, where possible, means you can achieve reliable and reproducible results from the first attempt. 

These matched antibody pairs are optimized for use in physiologically-relevant sample types, such as plasma and serum. They are also available in carrier-free and conjugation-ready formats, along with the individual capture and detector antibodies, to enable flexibility and consistency throughout your workflow.


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